About me

Hello there! Welcome to my blog. I am Pooja Singh, a traveller, Youtuber, adventure seeker, entrepreneur and an influencer. In Spite of having a busy schedules as financial analyst by profession, I realized that I can rejuvenate by visiting offbeat locations & indulge myself in adventure experiences, travel being the major source of inspiration.
My blog is an attempt to portray the life I see around me through pictures, stories and narratives

I was born in Haryana & raised in different parts of India as my father was in Indian Army. 

I graduated from Delhi & did MBA in Marketing from Mumbai. After that I worked for 4.5 years in Mumbai as financial analyst. I quit my job in 2020.

I Was lucky enough to always have had a family that loved little getaways and local travel enabling me to visit some really beautiful places. My hunger for wanting to explore more grew as I got older and since then I have been exploring places non-stop.

I prefer to travel solo and focus on budget travel, just to break the notion that travel is an expensive passion. Over the years, I have traveled to more than 26 states in India. I wish this attempt would inspire you all to step out of the robotic life to see the beautiful world out there. I love to stay in home-stays, take the public transport and eat the local food. I always try to promote local businesses.

I run a travel company ‘RidingSolo’ and started a hostel chain ATS (All Terrain Stay). ATS is currently operational in Manali & Rishikesh. 
I am open to brand associations, tie ups and content marketing initiatives. You can contact me for any exciting assignment, trips and blogger meets.
You can contact me at 001pooja.singh@gmail.com.

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