How to stay fit while traveling

When you’re traveling, your normal routine usually gets ignored. Along with travel,
there is one important thing which should be given a considerable space in the
itinerary. Any guesses? Yes, fitness. When I say fitness, it doesn’t mean killing your
time doing workouts and get exhausted, especially when most of us travel to take a
break from our work or busy life. And, when we have some target places and a
limited time to visit and explore, motivation to exercise while travelling becomes
tough. But taking out time to focus on yourself while traveling is equally important.
There are plenty of ways to stay fit while traveling. There are basic activities or
workouts which we can do while on a travel spree that require little or no equipment
and those can keep us fit and fresh throughout. For example, yoga practice, try to
walk everywhere possible and some simple HIIT workout (without equipment).
So, keep those excuses aside when you hit the road next time and keep yourself
healthy by doing the following activities to stay fit and active during your travels.

Do Yoga and Meditation

The benefits of practising Yoga and meditation are endless, but when it comes to
travelling, it will leave you feeling energised. Meditating or doing yoga for 20 mins a
day not only relaxes your mind but also boosts your body to start the day.

Go for Morning runs

Get your workout in before you hit the road. Try to get up early and go for morning
running. Running helps to build strong bones, strengthen muscles, burn plenty of
calories and help maintain a healthy weight without a lot of struggle.

Explore more by Hiking & Trekking

Hiking on the hills is an excellent way to improve mental agility to strengthen your
core, which in turn helps to improve your balance. You can get clean, fresh air with
enhances your respiratory system. Spending multiple hours on the trail, climbing
around boulders, rock hopping and ascending hills gives your whole body a workout,
improving your strength, agility and cardio fitness.

Go on a walking Tour

When you walk though, it’s not just getting there, it’s actually getting to see and
experience every single place you go through. Also, Walking is a great way to
improve or maintain your overall health. Try to walk everywhere possible. Walking
can help you burn calories.

Stay hydrated

When you’re on the go, you need to be drinking enough water to keep yourself
healthy. If you are outside during the day, bring plenty of water. This will keep you
hydrated and energised and stop you from eating when you don’t need more food.
Try to use your own reusable water bottle, this will save you money on bottled water
and cut back on plastic waste.

Easy Travel Workouts

There are many travel workouts that you can do anywhere. Hotel doesn’t have a
gym? No worries. Search for outdoor workout areas, look for parks, and stairs to
jump up and down. You can also complete this workout in your hotel room.
Here are some simple and effective exercises that you can in your hotel as well.
Like; Jumping jacks, Push-ups, sit-ups, cruches, squats, lunges.
Try to take the stairs in your hotel instead of elevators. This is a very effective work
out for both cardio and strength and can be done anytime.

You can also do cycling. Riding a bike is healthy, fun and a low-impact form of
exercise for all ages.

You can also bring resistance bands. These are a lightweight piece of kit used as an
alternative to weights. For strength- based fitness goals, these are a fantastic option.
But try not to Exert yourself as much. Else, you will feel tired throughout the day.

Eating healthy
Your diet is the most important component when it comes to health and fitness. Try
to eat healthy meals in transit.
Carry non-perishable snacks with you like almonds, nuts, dark chocolates that won’t
spoil anytime soon, so store some in your travel bag.

Have Fun
If your workout doesn’t go to plan on one day, don’t

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